Friday, October 7, 2011

My Knight in Shining Armor

I don't know why all through this years my Blog post My Knight in Shining Armor has the most Pageviews from June 2, 2010 until now 2011..

Really when i watched "The Vampire Diaries" Damon Salvatore known as Ian Somerhalder catch my attention thou Stefan Salvatore maybe for others should be their ideal man who deserves love in return.

For real, My ideal man is someone who's a bad boy, someone like Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, who portrays in "The Vampire Diaries" Is it weird? Loving someone you doesn't know that will love you in return? like in the TV series, Damon doesn't have a friend he even use girls to have fun but, with Elena everything he was changed. likewise, I want a man that i can control not to be under me but, loves me that's why he does. I want to change what others sees in him and show them he also have a good heart. Everyone have an Ideal man you maybe lucky to have one that you like but, not every Ideal man you want doesn't mean he's the only one whom can have you. The key to have your Knight in Shining Armor. is by using your Heart over your Mind :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phenomenology of Death

Kate Canlas Pangan
"I look at life as a gift of God.
 Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain.
 ---Joyce Cary"

Everyone has a fear of Death and that is something we can't hide. I quoted "I look at life as a gift of God. Now that he wants it back I have no right to complain which is true. 

What does death mean? Your death, something you can do nothing about yet which you must face and face alone, unarmed, defenseless, utterly naked. It waits for you: the ultimate unknown.
When it comes to a question "What will you do if you'll be dead tomorrow" Everyone have the same answer - Live my life to the fullest, say sorry, thank you, i love you, probably you'll spend your next 24hours doing everything just to make things right. but, unfortunately one things for sure "No one gets alive"

Sometimes when someone you love, your family, relatives nor friends was dead. you always tell your self "Why Him/Her? Why not ME? maybe we utter those words because We're hurt, because we don't accept the fact that God took them already. Is that being selfish? that, why does God took someone who is so kind? the one who's so angelic? Yes, we live for a purpose but WHY doesn't we know when the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?

4.27.10there was one thing I experienced, way back April 27, 2010 almost a year was a very remarkable experienced i had and a lesson to be learned. I was at the mall with my elder sister and our youngest sibling while were on shopping my allergies attacked me then i got panic and drink my med. but, i can't take it anymore because they're getting worse. so i asked my sister if we can go home already and say Yes. while going to the parking lot my sight went yellowish it was like a bright light then got blurred and i break down. I don't really know what happen to me that day, i was unconscious, thay can't feel my pulse and everything. The only thing i know when i wake-up was my sister is calling me/ shouting my name just to be awake i remember her saying "KATE, KATE, KATE, GUMISING KA" 

Why did it happen to me? and why did God save me that day? I know it is weird to say the words WHY? instead of questioning, just be thankful. 

You know you should spend every moment of your life, Wherever you go, whatever you do, an armed assassin walks behind you. The nozzle presses cold against your neck. The gun is cocked, the bullet ready to shatter you forever. You have no place to run, nowhere to hide. No one can help you. The assassin's finger is always on the trigger. Always. Why doesn't he blow you away? Not yet. But soon. At any moment.

Phenomenology of Love

My Phenomenological Experience of LOVE

Love is a very mysterious thing. Most of us act as though we know what it is without truly understanding its meaning and essence. This has been true of me. Before I encountered this phenomenology of love, I already had experiences of loving other people. However, I was belonged to the people whom Erich Fromm described as believing in the popular notion of love. I emphasized the characteristics of the people I loved, why I needed them, and I mostly demanded that they love me more than I demanded myself to love them. I even viewed love in the “scientistic” way – something caused by hormones and dictated solely by the hypothalamus. My concept love was shallow. "Yes, I felt it, but I knew it not."

However, all that changed when I came across the phenomenology of love. It was an articulation of fundamental characteristics of love which I knew my heart was saying but my mind was incapable of putting into words. When I was reading the said phenomenology, I constantly had that weird feeling of realizing something and relating to it strongly with past experiences. I strongly agree with it.Indeed, love begins with the experience of loneliness and then grows as someone reaches out lovingly to the other. I also experienced that, but did not know its meaning in relation to the love I had. Indeed, in loving others, I always sought their love too, in the same or in even greater measure than that which I gave them. But I realized with the phenomenology that it is alright to feel that way and wish for the same, but that it should not be the motivation in my loving act.

What struck me the most was the statement that when we “love” someone without knowing our true worth, we are like making them trash bins to whom we throw ourselves. Because of this and the entirety of the phenomenology of love, I learned what loving is truly all about. Indeed, it’s a many-splendored thing.