Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pil-Sook Diet

This is not a blog entry from my 2013 catch-up...

I got an Case study again for CHEM 4 and It's about the "Pil-Sook Diet"

A fad in South Korea, the Pil-sook Plan comes from hit K-drama Dream High. When pop-star wannabe Pil-sook wants to drop 65 pounds in 200 days, her teacher paraphrases twentieth-century nutritionist Adelle Davis’ famous rule: “Eat breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner, dinner like a pauper.” The catch: No liquids after 7 p.m. and mandatory daily 30-minute jump-roping sessions.
 For me: This is what the diet says “Eat breakfast like a queen lunch like a commoner, dinner like a pauper. I woke up ravenous anything I craveI’d sneak into my Queen breakfast” Yes, eating breakfast in the morning can help you boost your energy as it says Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because this wakes up your body and warms up your metabolism so it’s set throughout the day. That sums up you won’t starve after eating your breakfast.
The diet didn’t say any detailed food to take each meal but, everyone should be aware enough to choose what you eat. It’s not that you woke up ravenous you’ll going to eat anything you’re craving for.

Pil-Sook diet somehow help you lose weight but, not totally trim your fats down instantaneously. It is also after 7pm which requires no more liquids right before the clock strikes at 7pm. This help you metabolize what you munch through the day. But, on the other hand it can also be bad for your health because it may dehydrate you. It also requires a 30 jumping-rope session every day which is really good. If you want to lose weight faster you must exercise more.

Generally, it’s not that everyone can live on this diet. If you can’t survive eating like a pauper at night why do you need to torture yourself go ahead and eat. But, make sure everything you eat every meal you choose the right food Remember, you are what you eat. And if you want to be fit and healthy go on an exercise at least an hour standing, walk for at least 30 minutes. You have a choice each and every day.

Your body is the baggage you must carry through life, the more excess the baggage the more excess the trip.” – Arnold S. Glasgow

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DJBenet Benedict Pacia's Birthday Bash!

6th Blog post
November 06, 2013

(DJBenet Pacia spinnin')

(Top L-R Triscia, Me, Benet,Lloyd, Ria, Louvier, Front down Jem, Up Jinx)

(L-R Louvier, Jem, Me and lloyd, Back- Ches)

(Top L-R Jessie, Me and Kaye, Middle L-R Lou, Jem)

(L-R Louvier, Triscia and Me)
(Everyone gone wild and Drunk!)
credits to: Ctoi

Started off the 2nd Semester and DJ Benet's week long birthday at Velvet Tequila Night!

November 8, 2013

(L-R Chester, Me, Jem, Benet, Jinx, Lloyd)

Friday Night, Benet's Birthday Celebration at HACienda Superclub, Angeles City. Throwing his birthday with a 20 shot glass of Bacardi 151!! kaya lang were more than the number of his age daw this time.

November 09, 2013
Birthday Countdown!

(Happy Birthday, Benet!)

(L-R Ria, Jinx, Benet, Jem, Louvier, Me, Lloyd and Karl at the back)

(Shots of Bacardi 151 again! Curse the Bacardi!!)

(L-R Ches, Ria, Jinx, Triscia, Jem, Lou, Lloyd, Karl, Me and Benet)


5th Blog post
October 28, 2013 - October 31, 2013
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Semestral break it is plus my sister's advance birthday treat for me, This was my first out of the country with my sister, our eldest, ate kim. Her birthday was October 30th so she treat me in advance!

(This is the Tanjung Aru beach located at Shangri-La's, Fine sands where you can see a great sunset)

(This photo was taken at the KK Esplanade, surrounded by famous landmarks a perfect place to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere of Kota Kinabalu City)

(This is said to be made with real gold)

(View from the Signal Hill Observatory Platform. A great place to view Kota Kinabalu, overlooking the City from Top)

(Kampung Warisan Heritage Village. A place were you can see their ancient house and living)

(At the Sabah Museum, sadly you can't took photos inside the museum)

(Atkinson Clock Tower. The clock tower was originally built using Mirabau wood. It is 16ft 3 inches, built in April 20 1905)

(The Floating Mosque. The optical Illusion created by man-made lagoon nestled around the Mosque. Built in 2000, after Kota Kinabalu became a City.)

(Sabah Foundation Building, Circular tower of steel and glass stands 30 storey high in the Likas bay area. It has central core with steel brackets supporting each floor. Completed in 1977)

(Mee Goreng, It is a Indonesian one-dish favorite meal)

(This is the lobby of the Hotel that we've checked-in, The Golden Hill Hotel, located at Jalan Pinang, Pekan Tanjung Aru, Check it out here)

A great place to travel! My stay in KK wasn't really enough because I wasn't able to go to see their beaches and other attractions but, I can say it was really a nice place.

En Masse!

4th Blog post
En Masse!

The biggest college party in Pampanga will take place at the En Masse-One Love in Pampanga, on October 12, 2013 at Partyplace, Dolores, City of San Fernando Pampanga. 

Surprise celebrity guests and the best Kapampangan DJs from different bars in the province like DJ Melvin Lapera from Hacienda Superclub and Velvet Bar & Lounge, DJ Jhelou of XO Superclub, MC Kraine from Sky Trax Disco, DJ Ardee Deang of High Society and the pioneer DJ of Pampanga, DJ Kikoman will be joining the party.

(L-R Me, Jinx and Louvier)

One Love Pampanga!


(Me, Jem, Jinx L-R)

3rd blog post
September 9, 2013

Got the date at our Instagram post. Loads of Carbs!! but,  for once in a lifetime why not cheat. I can still remember, we got there commuting from sta.mesa manila jeep to quiapo then walking thru the underpass quiapo church to LRT I Carriedo Station to Vito Cruz but, Instead of Vito Cruz Jinky told us baba daw kame next station after V. Cruz which is near Zark's daw but, Jem and I knew and base from our friends studying at La salle, taft it is walking distance from LRT. Epic fail, dahil napalayo kame and were near Moa na and we were thinking to have our dinner at sea side kaya lang it won't be worth it kasi were really craving for Zark's. I think mine was Zark's Ultimate Burger and didn't even ate all kasi super busog nako plus we had nachos too. a rating of 5/5! The best burger, fries and nachos i tried! 

Next day....

September 10, 2013
Because, its weekdays and we have class. Jinky and I went to school first while we left jem sleeping at the condo zzzZZ Next stop... ISCREAMIST!!

(Dragon's breathe, Pistachio.. and i already forgot what else we've tried)

(Top most L-R Jem, Me, Jinx, Down L-R Me, Jem and Jinx)

(Painting at Iscreamist, Diliman)

Well, we had fun especially with the dragon's breathe because that's the one you'll gonna dip into the nitrogen for 10sec then swallow but, be careful!!!! Super lamig kasi and will sticks in your tongue. rating of 4/5 for that! It was just having fun with smokes while eating ice cream.

Well, last day for my friends raid at my condo because, Jem needs to go home (Pampanga) already.. her free days are over so we headed home after Iscreamist, Diliman. We should swim kaya lang we all got tired so we ended up spending our time chit chatting, minsan lang namin makasama si Jinx kaya sulitin habang single siya. hahahahaha

(By the pool then at Penthouse to have Coffee)

It was all worth it at the same time bonding with my HS friends! Hope to catch up soon my food porn buddies!


(Because, twas my birthday I need to drink straight from the bottle!)

(Birthday girl, ME)

(HS Friends)

(Me, Jem, Lou, Yns L-R)

(Chester,Me, Jessie, Jem and Benet)

(With my bestfriend, Louvier Manalo)

(The Crowd)

(L-R Jessie, Me, Jinx, Lou, Karl, Lloyd and Nice)

2nd blog post
September 6, 2013

Actually, my birthday was September 02 but, it was monday so i need to throw a post birthday by weekends. The real plan was just a bestfriend bonding moment since, i missed my friends and we haven't hang-out since our high school years plus one of our friend had her vacay here in ph. And they were suggesting for XO Superclub, G! 

"I may not have love life nor, He haven't yet found the one i deserve at least i got my friends who makes the best of me. Indeed, everyone got drunk! lol A happy 20TEEN to me. -xoxo

credits: jay musni, johnel david more photos uploaded at my old facebook account