Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Put your hands up!

(Spot us out! grabbed picture from 7th High facebook page)

(DJ Ron/Buzz/Steal)

(L-R Me, Patio, Ate Cha and Bai)

(L-R Me, Bai and Patio)

(L-R Jeds, Patio, Me, Bai and Evian)

(with Bai Lanto)

Indulgence Saturday at Seventh High last January 12, 2013 with my katu and loveys!! Let's Party all night long! A night to remember! Best-est club to party, The night had always been young at 7th high!

Freaky Friday!!

(L-R Cols, Me, Evian, Rus, Jeds and Alj)

(Evian with Raymond Abracosa)

(this picture taken when our friend, Evian, saw Abra!!)

Thank Guilly's its Friday!!!!

Started our first friday of 2013 with a banggggggggg!! at Guilly's Island Superclub, T. Morato with my Jerks, katu and loveys. An unplanned night-out with them ;)

Year-Ender with Jerk

30th December 2012
"Year-Ender with katu and loveys"

starring the "JERK" J for Jedel Serrano, E for Evian Lazatin, R for Ramses Lu and K for yours truly, Kate Pangan from schoolmates to classmates to common friends to being best-est of friends!

Cause when the sun sets baby On the avenue we get that drunk sex feeling Yeah when I'm with you So put your arms around me baby We're tearing up the town Cause that's just how we do We got that sweet, hot loving Dancing in the dark Out in the streets we're running Shut down every bar So put your arms around me, baby We're tearing up the town 'Cause that's just how we do How we do, that's just how we do... Let's Party!!