Sunday, September 14, 2014

Munch time!


After our Sandbox Adventure..

"Iguana's Cantina Mexicana"

(I got amaze with this place! too much Iguana's lol)

(L-R Me, Jedel, Jackie and Alvin)

(c) Jackie

(Beef Quesadilla)

(Irish Nachos)


Because I'm a Mexicana (From Mexico, Pampanga) Haha 5/5! The best Mexican food I've ever tasted! ;)

Next stop... Came all the way to Friendship Road.. (Dessert time!!)

Ferrero Cake

Green tea Cake

Red Velvet

Pistachio Cake

A must try!!! One thing that you shouldn't missed when you visit Pampanga, Cioccolo's Cake especially their Red velvet! (it only range from Php. 130-150 per slice) and a rating of 5/5!

It isn't yet over!!



(L-R Me,Jackie,Alvin, Jedel)
On our way to Alviera, Porac Pampanga!!

Welcome to "SandBox, Alviera Porac, Pampanga!"

Photo taken before "Roller Coaster ride"

(L-R Me, Alvin and Jackie)

Roller Coaster


The best time to Face your fears and scream your Stress!! Superb fun day!! I must say Giant swing really took my heart away. Hahaha We'll surely come BACK! 

You can check their facebook page here for more details...

My day!!

(Thanks to my sister for this Rocky Road Cake!)

Happy 21st Birthday to me!! 

God all I can say is thank you so much for blessing me indeed, without you I am nothing but with you I have everything I'll ever need.

I'm more than happy for the blessings, mercies and favours he's bestowed on me and my family over the years. He might not have given me all that I wanted, but at least He sent all that I needed, and that what matters most to me now. I've been and will continue to share my joy with those who are less fortunate and share my happiness with those who need encouragement, share my laughter with those who have not heard any in such a long time, share my tears with those who have forgotten how to cry, share my faith and hope to those who have none.

I pray that you always guide Me and help Me be better person every day in other to be more Focused in Life and be more Dedicated into the Struggle I am involved in, to continue to Fight for that what I believe.Thank You for making Me feel absolutely loved and important! I'm not the measure of what I have done but more of who I am and those who I have surrounded myself with.

(4-cheesed and england pizza + carbonara)

Thanks to my frienysss, JnJ (Jedel and Jackie) Haha for surprising me. Kahit na super haggard na tayo sa thesis naten you never fail to make my day complete. I love you, two to the moon and back! I've always been grateful for having you in my life. 

PS: Thanks to everyone who greeted me!!