Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm a Happybeeeeeee

I'm such a Happybeeeee!!! Thank you Nuffnang and Adidas NEO. It would be my Second movie screening with Nuffnang, can't wait fot it! This is all for now, blog about it soon! See you there!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Welcome to Christian World, Danica Lauryn!

March 16, 2013 
     Baptism has been called the sacrament and ordinance of Jesus, is also called the christening/ baptism of infants.  
Anglicans believe that Baptism is also the entry into the Church and therefore allows them access to all rights and responsibilities as full members, including the privilege to receive Holy Communion.
Traditionally infants do baptized after a month or so on. My niece got baptized at her 7th Month because we thought that his Daddy can have Vacation leave this Month but, it was denied by the company. 

(My ate Kim and her baby, Danica Lauryn!)
The so called "Kabalyero" which means "special" because she was the only one baptized that day at Sta. Monica Parish Church, Mexico Pampanga.

(with my Niece, Happy Christening!)

(L-R Cous Bembs, My Ate Toni and me)

(with my youngest sister, Kelly)

more pictures to be uploaded at my sister's fb account...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Month Cakes!

Hey there! 
Because i had fun with my niece cakes. I wanna share them with you, guys!

Usually, Why Is every ocassion needs a cake? Like for Wedding, First communion, Christmas, Halloween, Passover plava, and many more! Of course i wouldn't forget the most common Birthday cake! but nowadays even monthsary we have cakes for our sweet tooths!

Chocolate Fondant
Baby Shower Party

Mango Cake
1st Month Birthday

Ultimate Chocolate Cake
2nd Month Birthday

3rd Month Birthday

Mocha Dedication Cake
4th Month Birthday

Chocolate Dedication Cake
5th Month Birthday

Banana Fondant
6th Month Birthday

And for her 7th Month Birthday, today, March 6, 2013
Oreo Cake
7th Month Birthday

Happy Motmot baby, Lauryn!

Credits to Ethel's Desserts for the Fondant Cakes and Red ribbon. Happy Sweet tooth!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


   I wanna share with you guys my favorite month for this year, so far... FEBLOVE! Not because It's the love month where we celebrate "Valentine's Day" but, i had a memorable february! Take Note: I don't have a valentine date but, a date with my lovies on Evian's Birthday!!

 As the saying goes "kapag biglaan, natutuloy" We didn't really expect all of this to happen, kasi we know  Evian will celebrate her birthday with his Family. but, something just happen and BOOOOM! SHE CELEBRATED HER BIRTHDAY WITH US. :')

Bread Time Blueberry Cake!
Huh! this cake is so yummy! plus hardwork of looking for it while, Coleen catching Evian's attention so we can surprise this for her.

Had our Dinner at Pier One, Subic Bay, Olongapo.

Happy Birthday, Evian Lazatin!!

Pier One at Night

We didn't have enough time to stay any longer because Tita Fe (Jed's Mom) is worried already. But! at 4am we came back to Subic for the Sun Rise by the beach.
(L-R "Birthday Girl" Evian Lazatin, Coleen Sadorra, Jedel Serrano and Me)
So here we are again, Good morning, Subic! To play fair, no one should take a bath neither change her clothes :p 
At Waterfront

(L-R Me, Coleen Sadorra and Jedel Serrano)

Went home early. Because we all thought Coleen Sadorra have work by 11:30am but, that was only a joke!!! Naisahan kame don a, we should've stayed longer sana :(

While on our way home and because ayaw pa nila umuwi, Jedel Asked: Pumunta na kayo Nabuklod? and we all answered: HINDI PA! And here we gooooo..

Nabuklod Invasion

 Super Affordable Zipline for only 150 pesos and with Cable Car for 200. Ang lakas pa ng loob ko when i was telling Jedel and Evian "Kaya niyo yan!" but, when it was my turn, i wanna cryyyyy.

My first Zipline ever in my whole life!!! 480m! 

Cable Car

My Feb love, February 24-25 2013