Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer time!!

Have you heard of Cabaglete (Cabag-lete, Ca-bag-le-te, Ca-baglete) Island in Mauban, Quezon? Sorry not really familiar how it'll be pronounce.

May 30-June 1, 2014

How'd we get there? been searching thru google the place and transpo

  • JAM LINER (Edsa Camias) Sign going "Lucena Grand Terminal" twas 3-4 hours land transpo. We arrived there around 4am, i think the bus left after 30 minutes. Other travelers usually go around 3:30am. Student fare of Php174
  • From the Lucena Grand Terminal Ride the Ordinary bus going "Mauban via Mainit" Bus fare of Php54 an hour travel
  • Upon Mauban, there are tricycle going to "Pantalan Port" Be aware that there are only 2 trips going to Cabaglete Island 10:00am and 4:00pm . In our case, we arrived passed 10:30am so we have to wait till 4pm but, there were private boats that offer Php 2,000 going to your specific Resort and will fetch you going back to the Port. The Public ferry fare is Php 50 per person. a 45minutes boat ride

(Going to Cabaglete Island)
(L-R my cousin Peps, my bff's Jem, Louvier and Me)

(This is how far we walked due to Low-Tide from the Bonsai attraction up to the Resort (because we ride in a private boat they drop us in our resort) that was around 2pm i think, this is the reason why they fetch the passengers at the Pantalan port around 4pm)

THINGS To Know and Must Bring;

  • The Island Electricity is only available from 6pm to 6am because it is only power generated
  • Don't forget your h20! and foods.
  • Powerbank/extra battery/Pocket Wifi/Lighter/Flash light In case of Emergency
  • OFF lotion/ Mosquito repellents lotions
  • First-Aid kit (As well as, Meds, Sunblock) 

(It is real white sand)

(Panorama shot via iPhone High tide around 5pm)

(With my bestfriend, Louvier Manalo)

(Look how much happiness it bought us, everything just went worth it!)

(Where we stayed all night *feeling Campers* up to 3 persons per tent it will cost 400/night)

(going Low tide around 10am)

(L-R Jem, Me and Peps)

We've stayed at Villa Cleofas you can check their website in the link. Thanks to tito Tonet for guiding us in our trip especially for accommodating us at the Resort.

Going to the Port we were guided by the officials kids around the resort it was at least 45minutes walk. And the ferry on Weekends trip earlier than the schedule time, again there are 2 trips going back to Mauban 7:30am and 12noon only.

Our Next Desti....

From the Pantalan port there were tricycle you can ride going up to Lucban Church and Kamay ni Hesus fare of Php 600

(Lucban Church that was said to have the longest Aisle in the Philippines, twas built in 1595, was ruined in 1629. The second church was constructed between 1630 and 1640 but was seriously damaged by fire in 1733. The Present church was completed in 1738 and the convent in 1743.)

(Most favored Lucban's Pancit Habhab)
We've also bought our pasalubongs Lucban's longganisa and Lambanog.

(The Noah's Arch)

(As you reach the top of each stairs you'll see the Mysteries of the Rosary)

(L-R Jem, Louvier, Peps and Me)

We made it to the top! 287 steps to Kamay ni Hesus 
this is our last destination for our Trip! Way to Thank and Asked for Guidance once again. Going back to Lucban were jeepneys outside going to Grand Terminal, fare of Php 30 each then at Grand Terminal there are buses going to Cubao. More Adventures to come........ Till' next time! ;)

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