Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday ate Lorny!

March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday ate lorny! actually i saw my calendar it was her birthday but, i forgot to greet her earlier. Monday afternoon luckily, we were dismissed early then received a call from her asking me what time would i be dismissed and told them that I'm already free and asked me to go to Coffee Academy (got a text from peps) telling me "Ali me pa daw ginreet ate lorna" and i replied "Buri ku personal eh" nyahaha Love you ate lorny! Thanks for the treat as always! xo

(with peps)

(birthday girl with matching new haircut and hair color!)

(L-R ate rowa, ate lorny, peps and me)

Coffee Break

Even though we didn't have the chance to have pictures at the wedding. Afterwards bago namin hatid si ate lorny we decided to have coffee at Coffee Academy, Pampanga's Best Building, her treat. hihi Thank you ate lorny! ;'>

(with my cousin, Katrina)

(L-R chong, kat, ate lorny and me)

(chong busy checking-in lol)

Fajardo-Manalo Nuptial

February 19, 2012

It was kuya betong's wedding, my ninang asked me to took picture of the wedding because, my uncle was one of the ninong (representative for my uncle Annuel who's at States) in the wedding. Sadly, i don't have picture at the wedding :(

Church: Arzobispado De Pampanga (Chancery)

(captured from rooftop)

(The flower girl, my niece Sam2)

(The Groom with L-R tito allan and tito Rey with Sam2)

(giving their vows)

(when the bride enters with butterflies)

(The wedding invitation, Passport style)

Jam 18th Birthday

February 12, 2012

(with the MOAbeybs)

(with my bestfriend, Louvier Manalo)

(from L-R Eunice, Louvier, Me and Lhai)

This photos were taken last February 12, 2012 @ Avida, Pampanga. it was our friend 18th birthday, Jamaica Del Rosario, The bad news is she celebarted it Sunday! And the following day we still have classes to attend we were sorry because we have to go home early but, most of them come party with her till morning.

This day was another way to be reunited with our friends because, We study different schools as usual busy ever studying and we don't have enough time to see each other. I am just a proud girl friend to them, no matter what happens still we unite in every occassions. That's what real friends are, no matter how hard the situation we still manage to come and celebrate each other's memorable birthdays :)

Hello Summer B)

Hello Summer!
                         Hello Summer, day 3! and welcome back to Blogging! Hihi! Sorry I am not that attentive again this time but, surely I'll share everything what i missed last few months! Sit back and wait... :) have a good day everyone.

                                                                                                                               PS. My scene