Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Escapade 2013!

Our first destination at "Our Lady of Manaoag, Shrine Pangasinan" and my first time to went there as well.

(Cos, were feeling sexy and free with our Sexy backs!!)

(c) Ejay Refugio

(With my Best friend, my sister from another mother, my cousin, Peps!)

Had an awesome Escapade with the Canlas-Diaz-Lacsina Family!! This was last April 30-May 1, 2013 at the same time it was Pista'y Dayat Festival at Lingayen Pangasinan!

Ynna's 19th Birthday

It was just a simple gatherings for Ynna's Post 19th Birthday last April 20, 2013, Dinner at there House in Lubao.

(The Birthday Girl, Ynna Pilea)

(Trio's! L-R Louvier Manalo, Me and the Birthday girl)

And because we love this girl and promised to come at her party even it's a late dinner, Ta-daaaaaa! Thank you that night! ofcourse, as well as her fitness first buddies! We played categories and Ping-Pang-Pong drink! Happy Birthday! I love you and you know that! :)

photos were grabbed from her album

Single Ladies!

Sorry for the late post..

This was last April 7, 2013

(L-R with Louvier Manalo, Ynna Pilea and Me)

All the Single ladies, put your hands up!! Sorry for the late post. i was a bit busy this summer. Mehehe and because where like tampo to our friend, @JemLim28 which is not with us in this photo because she celebrated her birthday with her random friends and not with us, so here's a little to make her jealous we know you miss us. hihi :'>