Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life is Beautiful

“Life is Beautiful”
There are a lot of beautiful things around us. It’s just a matter of how we see it and whether we’re able to realize it. In life, of course there are always some ups and downs; However, I believe, that even in most difficult situation, there’s always a beautiful thing. As wise people say, “Everything happens for a reason” la vita e Bella.

I agree Life is really beautiful, first for being here on earth I thank God for my life but as well as my Mom who gave birth to me.

You will see how beautiful life is by living simple, I believe every person is here for a definite purpose. Each is special and valuable; that refers to me, you, your family, friends, in fact everybody. There is a loving plan for each of our lives here on earth and there is no such thing as coincidence. Whether you call it fate or destiny, I don’t believe that anything in life happens by chance and that every aspect of our lives points to something deeper.

Many of us spend each day of our life searching, seeking for the simple life. It’s a wonderful life it is not simply a movie. If you have the answers you seek to make this wonderful journey you can actually have one. For all its ups and downs and good and bad days, life truly is a wonderful journey, if you understand it is more about the trip then where it inevitably takes you. Along the way however there are "direction aids" that make a beautiful life far more beneficial, spectacular, creative and pleasant journey. Don't spend a half life learning what the phrase ' it’s my life ' really means. Bring life and its meaning into your heart, mind and soul. The mistake most people make about finding a beautiful life is searching for the answer instead of living it.
A person, who cannot find the beauty of life, is a person, who cannot find peace, cannot find fulfillment. Prosperity, Power and Popularity are not the solutions to human suffering, because you may have them all and still feel incomplete. There are many prosperous, powerful and popular individuals who need mind altering drugs and other freaky activities to keep them excited and still aren't content. 

Finding your purpose therefore will be determined by your ability to appreciate every moment by making the most positive use of it because every breath of life you take you are one breath closer to death. So live right and do well always enjoy the existence you have now and if you awaken and realize that these was all a dream and then make it a sweet dream.
Submitted by: Pangan, Kate C. MT2-B


Phenomenology, in Husserl's conception, is primarily concerned with the systematic reflection on and analysis of the structures of consciousness, and the phenomena that appear in acts of consciousness.

It has been defined as: subjectivity; awareness; the ability to experience feelings; wakefulness; having a sense of selfhood; or the executive control system of the mind.

We are conscious because we all have emotions. When we get to know a person we became close to them because we are aware.

I had this experience wherein someone gave me something worthless, as in, it was candies. This was last summer when i was with him then asks me if I want lollipop but then it fell on the ground I use to pick it but he asked me not to do so, so in return he just gave me candies. Know what the funny thing I kept the candy wrappers on my wallet so stupid right? I don’t know why I can’t throw those wrappers until now they are still on my wallet, Promise!

Because I know that person just mean to me, a worthless gift from someone special means more than a thousand things. As they say You can’t buy everything even someone’s happiness.

Philosophy Blog #2
By: Kate C. Pangan MT2-B

18th Birthday Celebration

Had my Post 18th Birthday Pool Party Celebration Yesterday (September 3, 2011) @ Goldenfields Resort
Moabites, 7Pikes, Jhekimhaite, Nikki Dimasangal, Moraine Delos Santos, Canlas Family and everyone who came, thanks for coming!

 (Left-Right MOA, Moraine, Jemai, Kim and Jess)
 (Birthday Girl - Me) Thanks for the Cakes Kuya Denes :-)
 (Left-Right Ja, Me, Louvier, Lai and Eryl)
 (Left-Right Cous Bembs, Brianna, Sister's ate Kim and Kelly)
 (Sisters, Left-Right, Ate toni, Me and Ate Kim)
 (Cousin's, Left-Right Ate Leah, Ate Rowa and Ate Lornz)

(Thanks for the Cakes Kuya Denes)