Sunday, July 6, 2014

No. 10 "Coffee at work. How do we benefit from it?"

What can we benefit from Coffee?

According to Authority Nutrition there were 
"Top 13 Evidence-Based  Health Benefits of Coffee" 
  1. Coffee can Improve energy and Make you smarter
  2. Coffee can help you burn fat
  3. The Caffeine can drastically improve physical performance
  4. There are essential nutrients in coffee
  5. Coffee may lower your risk of type II Diabetes 
  6. Coffee may protect you from Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
  7. Caffeine may lower your risk of Parkinson's
  8. Coffee appears to have protective effects on the liver
  9. Coffee can fight depression and make you happier
  10. Coffee drinkers have lower risk of some types of cancer
  11. Coffee does not cause heart disease and may lower the risk of stroke
  12. Coffee may help you live longer
  13. Coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants in the western diet
All i can say is that Coffee is on mainstream and lives age to ages.. One thing that surely won't start your day right if you haven't take a dose of it! Have you heard of "Drinking Coffee will dehydrate you" A lot of articles online have been spread and if you are a Coffee addict drinking more caffeine won't took its effect and it is suggested that you must be well hydrated in order for your body to response. 

Similar post from Chris Bailey Caffeine can make you a lot more productive, but only if you drink it right. To get as much energy out of caffeine as possible, don’t drink too much, drink lots of water, drink caffeine over a longer period of time (and wait a bit before your second cup), stay away from sugary energy drinks, don’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach (or first thing in the morning), and eat very well if you consume caffeine.

Mostly, who drinks coffee? Those who stay up late at night like call center agents, they can't live without this do you think they would survive graveyard sift without this? As we all know, coffee contains caffeine that is a stimulant that means it enhanced alertness, wakefulness. That means, Coffee at work will help you focus better..

However; Drinking too much coffee can result in some very unpleasant adverse effects. According to a study by researchers at the University of Oklahoma, "caffeine can cause anxiety symptoms in normal individuals, especially in vulnerable patients, like those with pre-existing anxiety disorders."13
In addition, "caffeine use is also associated with symptoms of depression due to either a self-medication theory, or a theory that caffeine itself causes changes in mood."Women who plan on becoming pregnant should be cautious. Researchers from the University of Nevada School of Medicine reported in the British Journal of Pharmacology that regular coffee may reduce a woman's chances of becoming pregnant.14
Medical News Today examined the positive and negative effects of drinking coffee in an article in July 2012, Drinking Coffee: More Good Than Harm? Article from: Medical News Today